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Register for the Lower River Paddle with WRWC Board and Staff on Sunday, October 1, 2017 5:00 pm

To register online and pay by PayPal/Credit Card fill out the form below and click the continue button at the bottom. You will be taken to a confirmation page and then to the secure PayPal website where you can pay using either PayPal or a credit card (you do not need to have a PayPal account).

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Registration Form:

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Your Name and Contact Information:

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Boat Selection:

Boat Selection: Go to the section below for the type of boat you would like to use on this paddle and enter the names and ages of the people who will be in those boats. So, for example, if you are making a reservation for two people and would like to reserve two of our solo kayaks select 'Reserve Solo Kayak(s)' below and enter your name and the name of the person coming with you, and your ages. The age is only required if the person is under 18. You can reserve different kinds of boats for different people in your group, so, for example, if you have one solo kayak that you are planning to bring and want to reserve one of our solo kayaks too, enter one name under 'Bringing Our Own Boat(s)' and one name under 'Reserve a Solo Kayak.'

Paddlers Ages & Passengers: All kayak paddlers must be at least 12 years old. If one of the paddlers in a canoe is an experienced adult paddler the other paddler in that canoe can be under 12 years old but must be at least 5 years old. Passengers riding in a canoe must be at least 5 years old and the total weight of passengers in a canoe should not exceed 200 pounds (passengers are people riding in the middle of the canoe).

Reminder: Make sure to enter yourself as one of the paddlers!

Bringing Our Own Boat(s): $25.00/person

Enter the names of the people in your group who will be bringing their own boat(s). Please remember that if you are bringing your own boat you must also bring US Coast Gaurd approved life jackets for everyone in your group.

 First NameLast NameAge
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Paddler 3
Paddler 4
Paddler 5

Reserve Solo Kayak(s): $45.00/person

Enter the names of the people in your group for whom you would like to reserve solo kayaks. If you are using one of our boats we will supply paddles and life jackets.

 First NameLast NameAge
Kayak Paddler 1
Kayak Paddler 2
Kayak Paddler 3
Kayak Paddler 4
Kayak Paddler 5

Reserve a Canoe: $35.00/person for paddlers, $25.00/person for passengers

Enter the names of the people in your group for whom you would like to reserve a canoe. If you are using one of our boats we will supply paddles and life jackets. Note that all of our canoes are designed for two paddlers. If you enter only one name below that person will be paired up with another solo canoe paddler. Remember, the total weight of any passengers should not exceed 200 pounds.

 First NameLast NameAge
Canoe Paddler 1
Canoe Paddler 2
Canoe Passenger 1
Canoe Passenger 2

Medical and Emergency Information:

Please list any medical, allergy or other issues we should be aware of for anyone in your group.
*Please provide the name(s) and phone number(s) of the emergency contact(s) for your group.

Waiver and Email Opt-In:

*Waiver: By checking this box I certify that I have read and that I accept the WRWC's liability and photo waiver and if this registration is for someone under 18 I further certify that I am agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless the Council from any and all claims which are brought by, or on behalf of Minor, and which are in any way connected with such use or participation by Minor.
Parent or legal guardian's name:
Please put me on your mailing list so I can hear about upcoming paddles and other events. We do not sell or give out our mailing list so you will only be contacted by us about WRWC events.

Please Use this space for any comments you may have.

To confirm that you are a real person, please enter the text in the box below:

Refund Policy: Reservations are not refundable unless we cancel or reschedule the paddle. If you cancel your reservation at least four days before the paddle you can apply the reservation fee to another paddle. Any fees paid for reservations cancelled less then four days before the paddle will be considered a donation to the WRWC.

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